#8 — Hit me hard...

18 June 2018 | Posted by Zackary

When put in jail at the Bastille, the Marquis de Sade probably had no idea that the sexual practice which would bear his name would become so popular. His major work, Justine or the Misfortunes of Virtue, is an unprecedented scandal, even described as “the most abominable book ever written by the most depraved imagination”

Since then, BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sadomasochism, editor’s note) has become part of the landscape. Every year, the streets of Berlin host the largest festival in Europe dedicated to this universe. With leather accessories and vertiginous stiletto heels, our wardrobe takes on a dungeon look. One of the best-selling books of all time tells the story of a student who falls in love with a handsome businessman and his whip…

When did sadomasochism go from underground to mainstream? What influence does it have on our closet? Who are people into it? How did they discover their preference? How do they live it?

Let yourself be guided, I am in charge… •


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