Designers and discounts: the best of luxury labels on sale

14 July 2019 | Posted by Zackary

Contrary to what the alternative reality created in my mind tells me, I do not own clothes designed exclusively for me. To my great displeasure, haute couture does not open its doors to those whose overdraft is a ritual more sacred than Christmas. So, until I no longer have to register my banker's number, I continue to delude myself with a few designer pieces bought here and there...

From the time I was just a young and broke intern — only the professional title has changed since — I have adopted the habit of buying them on sale. Whether a pair of shoes, jewellery or a jacket, I often force myself to wait until I see a negative percentage next to the price. After all, if luxury inflates its margins as much as my cousin's body swelled during her pregnancy, why not take advantage of the moment it agrees to reduce them?

In this spirit, we open our closets to these 13 pieces of bold style and prestigious label, which the magic of discounts finally allows us to enjoy — if someone asks you, they have just been released...

A summer staple, J.W. Anderson reinterprets the shirt dress in a light crepe. We like its sleek lines, enhanced by a hidden button tab, and the originality of the side panels. To wear with sneakers on a daily basis, sandals on holiday, or more formal shoes for an evening look without overdoing it. (124 € instead of 620 €)

Slightly transparent, this Isabel Marant model will mostly fit as an overshirt open on a t-shirt. Its satiny chiffon exudes a form of refinement, while the patterns with a retro accent and the shades of brown take us to a more bohemian register. Enough to replay Las Vegas Parano, catwalk version. (109 € instead of 365 €)

Mary Katrantzou, who appeared on the London scene about ten years ago, stands out for her work with prints and the use of bright colours. Barely more sober on this golden velvet top, we still notice the care given to the proportions typical of the designer. An elegant approach to the trend around the 70s, without giving up their flamboyance. (268 € instead of 1.065 €)

A nice shade of red to brighten up our looks, a Harvard preppy inspiration that will lend itself to jogpants as much as to formal ones, a comfortable but controlled fit... In short, this sweatshirt has everything you need to become your best friend on lazy days. (66,50 € instead of 95 €)

With Nino, Jacquemus offers a new lease of life to the bell-bottomed pants. Here modernized by a 7/8th length, thus leaving more possibilities regarding the shoes, match it with sober elements to balance the whole. We're thinking of a simple linen t-shirt, or a timeless white shirt. (112 € instead of 560 €)

Faithful to the sense of deconstruction that has made its reputation, Maison Margiela swaps the buttoned closure of these jeans for a contrasting elastic band. Inspired by work overalls, it also features a strap to adjust the tightness. Meanwhile, the straight cut completes the vintage spirit of the perfectly executed canvas washing. (294 € instead of 490 €)

If you're more into a slim than a straight fit, but your eyes are on the orange belt, count on Heron Preston and his favorite color. With his models giving us the impression of sitting in an airplane (or tying a piece of furniture to the back of a moving van), he embraces the utilitarian trend that touches all styles from streetwear to tailoring. The little something extra? The reflective details, ensuring that you capture all the attention once the light is on you. (78 € instead of 150 €)

Classifying Undercover is no easy task, as the Japanese label has a rich universe. Proof of its versatility, it has collaborated with both the urban emblem embodied by Supreme and the prestigious Valentino house. Imbued with a form of rebellion that it spreads in every aspect of our wardrobe, it now has a community of inveterate followers. With a hint of excess, we're falling for its sleeveless bomber jacket and religious imagery, which proclaim us "God of the Underworld". (196 € instead of 655 €)

When closed, this trench coat looks very ordinary. Once the collar is folded outwards, it then reveals silvery lapels, highlighted by black stripes. The studio thus subtly pays tribute to Paco Rabanne and his obsession with the future, which was expressed through the use of metalized, even metallic, clothing. A detail sufficient to transform a basic into a powerful piece, to be modulated according to your desires. (330 € instead of 1650 €)

Different designer, same interstellar atmosphere. Courrèges transforms the fanny into a belt-bag, which we would like to carry if we were to get into a rocket — otherwise, we'll just wear it to a rave party. It can also be used over a straight coat or oversized shirt for a fitted waist. As aesthetic as it is useful. (195 € instead of 390 €)

In 2017, Clare Waight Keller becomes the first woman to take over Givenchy. She inaugurates the men-shoe division with a sneaker: the JAW, in reference to the movie, to which the shape of the sole echoes. First conceived as a hybrid flirting with the design of a zipped boot, it is now available in a low-top format with laces, closer to the appearance of a pair of running shoes. Available in several colours. (390 € instead of 650 €)

We already told you about our obsession with white boots in our article on next winter's trends. In spite of not finding a size 42 model with a grunge look, we recommend this pair from the Ellery label, an ideal mix between retro and contemporary silhouettes. (180 € instead of 600 €)

Sunglasses with integrated headgear, by the Germans of Kuboraum, for €1,891 instead of €4,727. To be quite frank with you, we don't really understand either. Let's just say we thought they might be useful to go see The Lion King's reboot, with the certainty of not running into your ex in the theatre. In any case, we still wonder how there can only be one piece left available at the time of writing... •

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