In the limelight: 5 jewels to steal the show

18 July 2018 | Posted by Zackary

Jewels are the ultimate fashion accessories, those with the most personality and history. Final touches that enhance a look, they even have the power to change the style: on a small black dress, for example, the look will be radically different depending on whether you’ll pick a pearl necklace or a leather chocker.

Madeleine K. Albright, a former US Secretary of State, has even turned her brooch collection into a diplomatic tool. On each occasion, she associates a different model, definitively proving to the world that jewellery also has the fantastic power to express a message. This selection’s one? “Look at me.”

Let’s play it orientalist with this necklace inspired by the Byzantine nobility. Overflowing with opulence, it remains no less elegant and will be able to adapt to a read jumper as much as a white shirt, or a vertiginous décolleté. (Gripoix model.)

The originality of this model lies in the workmanship of the material, reproducing the Berber aesthetic which is then associated with an XXL monogram. Designed for one ear only, each part is equipped with a clip ensuring an effective support. So we give in unscrupulously to logomania, which we will rock on an night-out to complete a full black outfit, or metallic tones. (Saint Laurent model)

A monkey, a pineapple and a pear… If the combination seems surprising at first sight, it has much more nerve once covered with pearls and crystals. Besides, it can represent an “unexpected” touch, the little extra that shifts an outfit by breaking a too serious look. (Gucci model.)

Revisiting the classic cuff, it is here four letters that make up the circumference of the bracelet. I-C-O-N, to claim your rank in case some would still doubt it… Like many “slogan” items, it is in streetwear looks that we imagine it fully revealing its potential (Dsquared model. Also available in gold.)

Dolce & Gabbana model. You rule the bling and the hearts now. Like any monarch, you need your crown… •

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