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10 March 2019 | Posted by Zackary

In a world of permanent instability, fortunately there are constants to hold on to. Some things will never change: the public transportation strikes, the caloric value of sugar, and the public at fashion weeks. If each of them is unique in terms of what they bring to the runway, the eyes that look at them are always, always the same.

Don’t trust the crowd in front of the entrance, 80% will stay outside. To your left, this prepubescent kid, living only for Supreme, is trying in vain to find his way to the last row. Right next to him, his adult evolution, hiding his subway ticket while hoping to be photographed. In front of you, this editor with large dark shades waves at faces whose names she doesn’t know, unable to smile at them because of botox excess. Behind her, her assistant is blowing on her still hot triple mocha with almond milk before handling it over. Did you think you were going to see Rihanna? Forget it, just settle for Instagram. Finally, on your right, we introduce you to Michel, a numbskull passing through the 8th arrondissement who thinks he’s at an impromptu union rally. Ignore him for more than three minutes and he will end up turning back, the poor man confuses Mélenchon and MOSCHINO…

Regardless of their position in the food chain, its members all share a common trait during fashion week. For a few days, the notion of “too much” is nothing more than a myth. Everything is a pretext for extravagance and excess, the opportunity to finally put into practice these poses tirelessly worked in front of the mirror.

You haven’t been invited to any shows? Never mind, it is up to you to transform your daily life into a catwalk with these 10 pieces destined to stand out from the crowd…

There is nothing more ridiculous than wearing off-season clothes just to stand out — short sleeves by -5° are not stylish. The solution? A fur coat, which will protect you from the cold whatever your outfit, giving it a high dose of sophistication. As for this Givenchy model in faux fur at almost 2,400 €, it is hard to say whether we are crying for the animals save, or the mortgage we are ready to take for a luxury plastic item… (“I’m broke”version available here.)

Less known to the younger generation, Montana is one of the greatest designers of the 1980s. Like Thierry Mugler, he is one of the first to accompany the evolution of women in their transition to working life, by creating a uniform that reflects their new responsibilities. The power dressing takes shape under the sharpened tip of his pencil. About thirty years later, Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens’ protege, pays tribute to him in a capsule that brings his classics up to date. Let’s take advantage of it as long as we can… (223 € — “I’m broke” version available here.)

Halfway between Kate Moss and a commercial billboard, logomania is an excellent way to capture attention: you have the advantage of saturating the cornea of those who hang around within a meter of you. Surfing on the hype, we turn to Balenciaga, but it works with any brand that affixes its name like a Public Treasury stamp. (995 € — “I’m broke” version available here.)

A perfect cut, diamond patterns with a mastered depth, the yoke going up on the neck whose roundness contrasts with the line of the shoulders…. Christopher Kane signs one of his most beautiful pieces, with an strong sense of precision in a man who is already familiar with prints. (1.395 €)

In a completely different vein, we’re going retro with this Gucci tuxedo jacket. Combining traditional elegance with a modern dandy spirit, it can be layered on a turtleneck or a worn t-shirt. The little something extra? Details at the sleeves and on the edges of the piece. (2,980 € — “I’m broke”version available here.)

All over will be one of next winter’s key trends. Without further ado, we already give in with these Heron Preston pants in a camaïeu of amber shades. We imagine it with a good old looped-fleece sweatshirt, as well as an immaculate white shirt for contrast. (500 €)

About a century ago, Paul Poiret is reigning over couture. His fashion, influenced by orientalism, with a great deal of drapery and feathered turbans, seduces high society in Paris. The young Coco Chanel is one of its most formidable competitors, until his name gradually falls into oblivion… Resurrected by a Korean group, the house presents its first collection in 2018. Our favorite item: the oblique-heel mule. (1.012 €)

Since we are talking about shoes, we are seriously looking at Margiela’s iconic Tabi. Giving a new meaning to the expression “camel toe”, its shape is derived from that of samurai shoes. A timeless piece for any fashion enthusiast, we love it as much in its flat version as with a light heel. And since our current obsession is with white boots, it is in this color that we choose it. (990 €)

With its clutch, Marzook combines three of our greatest passions: pills, accessories and sequins. Able to carry more than a pack of Marlboro and a credit card, it is enough to unleash a slightly too wise look, or to accentuate the insolence of an assertive style. Until we can afford it, we are already heating the water for the pasta. (1.420 €)

Dolce & Gabbana crown. Who’s talking about staying subtle? (1,850 € — “I’m broke” version available here.)

Above all, remember: shining in front row is above all a matter of will. If Celine Dion has succeeded, so can you… •

Hugh Hefner's and Donatella Versace's love child, I am the visible half of the duo behind ZACKARIUM. Addicted to fashion and to Lucky Strike, my mission is to guide you smoothly through the jungle of brands and catwalks.

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