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29 June 2018 | Posted by Zackary

The male wardrobe is, to a large extent, inherited from the workwear of previous generations. Originally, jeans are an essential part of the cowboy, where overalls are invented for carpenters. Lumberjacks swear by flannel shirts, when British commanders love Burberry trench coats.

By the way, the military wear is probably the one that left us the most items. Its influence is found in most styles, from the typically streetwear bomber jacket to the long coat coupled with a three-piece suit.

Let us pay tribute to the soldiers who sacrifice their lives for us poor materialists. In their honor, we steal these five pieces from their closet.

What could be more military than camouflage? If the pattern would be too “first degree” on trousers or a jacket, it is well suited to the sweatshirt, casual clothing par excellence. Dominating automatically the outfit, one relies on good old raw jeans for the bottom, or an adjusted sweatpant for days of laziness (Off-White  model. “I’m broke” version available here.)

For a more dressed look, we go for a white shirt — with an officer collar, of course. The oversized cut and patch pockets, reminiscent of the safari jacket, bring modernity to the garment. To be worn with slim pants to play on contrasts, or loose trousers marking the waist (E. Tautz model. “I’m broke” version available here.)

Speaking of pants, cargos are both a comfortable and practical option. Traditionally made of canvas, it becomes bolder in a material like waxed denim, flirting with a leather effect. The little extra? The yokes construction, in a biker-inspired style. (Amiri model. “I’m broke” version available here.)

Regarding jackets, the bomber is a sure bet, especially in black. Featuring a shirt collar, it brings more stature by insisting around the shoulders. There’s no point choosing it close to the body, it’s the kind of clothe you’ll want to wear loose. A wide ribbing on the bottom (elastic band, editor’s note) is a significant asset: once the jacket is closed, it helps to structure the silhouette by playing on the volumes (Alyx model. “I’m broke” version available here.)

Linda Farrow sunglasses. With their gold-plated and cut frame, you are sure to aim right. •

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