#37 — Workout session

13 May 2019 | Posted by Zackary

If there's one thing I owe my mother, it's her genes. Fifty years old, four children, and still a size S: thanks to her lineage, I can afford to eat almost anything, without fear of taking the slightest gram. As such, a special thought for my poor sister, who was not as lucky as I was in the DNA lottery...

Unless you can consider twerking as an Olympic discipline, I've never been the type to exercise. I would rather arrive late than run, and swear by escalators (even if they brought me some troubles). Anyway, as I am writing to you, my two roommates have invaded the living room for an Insanity session. Lying on my couch while they're perspiring like oxen in the heat, I can't help but judge them — don't worry, they knew what to expect by signing a joint lease. You can still sweat without being dressed like a Second League soccer player in 1995. And again, God knows I'm flattering them here... 

Yet, fashion seems more and more inclined to offer options as well suited for the gym as for parties. Then, how to make the athleisure style your own? What are its emblematic pieces? How to build your looks? Who are the designers of a new sportswear? How do they translate their vision? Which pairs of sneakers to turn to for a sleek style without losing your shirt? 

It's time to take out your old wristband... •


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