#41 — The Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Week Issue

24 June 2019 | Posted by Zackary

Thanks to our obsession with novelty, fashion shows never really stop. After the cruise collections and their invitation to travel, it is time for brands to present their vision of the summer 2020 menswear.

As always, New York kicks off, followed by London. Then we head to Italy, before finishing in Paris. Last week, our capital was taken by journalists, influencers, photographers, and other buyers in search of the latest sensation. Did their heartstring vibrate when VETEMENTS invited them at McDonald's on the Champs-Élysées? Everything was there: a programme printed on paper napkins, milkshakes and Coca-Cola served in cups, outfits inspired by the looks of a waiter and a security guard... Enough to revive discussions around the collective, which was gradually fading away into indifference.

If the label thus manages to buzz, this season is not just about its foray into fast food — who knows, maybe Anna Wintour was sitting at the table where I ate nuggets a few months ago... So, what are the future trends emerging from the runways? How to master them? What makes London's scene different? What are the names shaping it? On which pairs of glasses should we bet when sitting front row (or pretending to do so)? 

Fashion week as if you were there. Well, almost...


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