Summer 2020: 6 trends to adopt from now

26 June 2019 | Posted by Zackary

Given the heat wave that is hitting our fragile bodies, I hope your boss has kindly installed some fans in the open space where you're reading us discreetly. Right now, you're probably dreaming of a world filled with perfectly frozen sorbets, full power air conditioning and fresh wine bottles. Hang in there: if you are willing to fight for a place on a terrace, a pitcher of rosé awaits you at the exit... 

Since heat is detrimental to your productivity, you are unable to handle even the slightest task of your TO DO list. Your eyes wander on the screen, fighting against the sweat drops that fall from your forehead, while your back is merging with that of your chair. Because one must give the illusion of working, you are gathering your last strength to organize the holidays you've been waiting for so long. After drooling on well-out-of-budget AirBNB villas, you finally take advantage of the first day of the sales to take a look at your favourite e-shop.

Swimsuits, travel bags, accessories... While your mind is focused on what you will be wearing in the coming weeks, designers are already several months ahead of schedule. The men's fashion week (and its share of female appearances) now over, we already have a small idea of what summer 2020 will look like. Let's take a loot at six trends spotted on the runways.

Eat my shorts

(AMI; Neil Barrett — © Filippo Fior and Alessandro Lucioni for GoRunway) 

A little tricky on the male side, shorts can sometimes evoke vague memories of a boy scout or a Catholic boarding school. It may also turn into a real puzzle when it comes to shoes: low or high sneakers? With classic socks or invisible ones? Can we wear them with boots? Do we really have the right to sandals? — Spoiler: Not without a pedicure first.

Far from these concerns, designers use it in all kinds of ways: paired with a blazer at Fendi, a sports jersey for Neil Barrett, or a falsely neglected shirt at AMI, which also offers it in leather for a feminine longer version. If we'll avoid overly formal combinations, associated with country club weekends, the secret may well be in not overthinking. After all, aren't they our best allies on a day like this?

Our little favorites


(Versace; Tom Ford — © Filippo Fior for GoRunway ; Tom Ford)

An organza blouse revealing a lace bra, a basque completed with simple jeans, a bustier slipped over a blazer... Twisting outfits with your underwear is nothing new. What is, on the other hand, is to see this trend infiltrate the man's wardrobe, proving once again the homogenization of codes from one gender to another.

Yet, the influences differ. When they refer mainly to the expression of a sensuality that is as bewitching as it is powerful for women, menswear places more emphasis on comfort. The result: a crystal g-string from Versace, and camo patterned long trunks at Tom Ford — watch out for erections.

Our little favorites

Gipsy King

(Saint Laurent; Etro — © Daniele Oberrauch and Alessandro Lucioni for GoRunway)

Between Miley Cyrus, Chance The Rapper and Jay-Z, the Woodstock 50 line-up, commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the famous festival, no longer has much in common with the original edition. The hippie wave is more popular with designers, who surf on it with modernity. Forget flower power prints are ditched in favour of embroideries or accessories, while the cuts are updated without losing their idleness.

The poncho is no longer outdated, as long as it is cut from a silky fabric. Shirts soften and pants flirt just about right with sarouals, definitively breaking away from the cliché of the burlap. Patience, a few more seasons and a small weed pouch will become the last it-bag...

Our little favorites

Show must go on

(Philipp Plein; Givenchy — © Filippo Fior and Alessandro Lucioni for GoRunway) 

Another music, another atmosphere. Everything suggests that we will listen to rock next summer, or at least dress as if that were the case. As with this repertoire, there are many interpretations. From Rolling Stones to Kiss, and the platform boots that Rick Owens could have designed for a depressed David Bowie, browse through the FNAC's selection of vintage vinyls, and let yourself be influenced by your favorite covers.

The easiest option: Mick Jagger's costumes combined with a scarf around the neck, probably pinned to Givenchy's mood board.

Our little favorites

Into the wild

(Versace; Dsquared — © Filippo Fior and Alessandro Lucioni fpr GoRunway) 

To quote Diana Vreeland (former editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar and VOGUE, editor's note): "I have never met a leopard print I didn't like". Opulent, both classic and vulgar, it is a constant that can always be relied on.

This season, the whole menagerie is coming into our closet. Tiger, zebra, butterfly, choose your totem animal. Just be careful not to be heavy-handed: no one wants to look like Cruella De Vil, except perhaps myself at 5 years old. Rely on sober pieces to complete your looks, or try this aesthetic with small touches at first.

Our little favorites

Pure as the driven snow

(GmbH; Balmain — © Filippo Fior and Alessandro Lucioni for GoRunway) 

If the zoo is not your thing, opt for a minimalist monochrome. While we already mentioned the importance of nude tones at the FW19 fashion week, labels continue to lighten their palette up to immaculate white. More represented in elegant outfits for the sophistication it exudes, it can just as easily be transposed to casual looks. Less is more, they say...

Our little favorites

It is probably impossible to predict the future, except when it comes to fashion. Stay one step ahead... •

Hugh Hefner's and Donatella Versace's love child, I am the visible half of the duo behind ZACKARIUM. Addicted to fashion and to Lucky Strike, my mission is to guide you smoothly through the jungle of brands and catwalks.

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