#31 — Tech it to the runway

25 March 2019 | Posted by Zackary

Last month, Dazed and Confused inaugurates a new version of its magazine: Dazed Beauty. From make-up to hair, body transformations and anti-ageing treatments, it covers the entire dimension of fashion that does not relate to clothing and accessories. For its first cover, it turns without surprise to the ultimate cosmetic (and plastic) icon of our time: Kylie Jenner.

Instead of entrusting the shoot to a film tenor like Pete Lindbergh, or to Steven Klein‘s sulphurous lens, it is an artificial intelligence that takes care of the #0 photos. The system first analyzes 17,000 Instagram images before aggregating them into what it considers to be the quintessence of beauty, which it then applies to the face of the Kardashian clan heiress — with more or less effectiveness.

Digitalization is infiltrating every part of our lives. We are unable to live without our phones. We expose the details of our days on social networks, while psychiatric practices fill up for dysmorphic disorders caused by Snapchat. Tracing the evolution of society, fashion inevitably gets in tune with it.

What role can technology play in the catwalk word? Is it its logical continuation? Who are the designers at the intersection of clothing and innovation? For what purposes do they work? Which pieces should we adopt to bring our wardrobes into the next era?

Cosmonauts of couture, we explore the style of the future… •


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