Vintage and second hand: the best thrift stores online

08 February 2019 | Posted by Zackary

Second-hand clothing has something of a fantasy. A kind of time capsule sheltered from inflation where, after half an hour of strolling, you accidentally push a curtain to fall on a Yamamoto blazer at 30 €. We have all heard the legend of the Hermes square lost in the three-box bandana bin, or the one about the guy who got his hands on a rare edition of sneakers in a depot ignoring its true value…

While price remains its main advantage, the truth is a little less glamorous: you’ll spend your time fighting hangers on overly tight racks, mostly find size 54 jeans, and the smell of mothballs will instantly remind you to make a phone call to your grandparents.

Fortunately, vintage is modernizing itself and is now only a click away. Another advantage: the clothes are chosen for their condition, or even completely restored, and systematically washed. Let’s take a look at these small addresses that do our style good without doing too much damage to our account.

The most british: Rokit

Rokit was born in the Camden market, first specializing in American cowboy denim. The demand was such that in just a few weeks, the stand turned into a shop. There are now four boutiques throughout London.

Most of the items were manufactured between the 1930s and 1990s. If you were to remember only one site, it would probably be this one, as the selection is so rich. Whether you are looking for a Hawaiian shirt, a tweed jacket for 60 €, a concert tee-shirt or a Prada coat, you will necessarily find what you are looking for.

Our little favorites

The trendiest: Farfetch Vintage

An excellent e-shop, Farfetch offers a vintage section as a bonus. It brings together clothing from designers only, the kind seen on a podium ten or twenty years ago that remains entirely relevant today.

Don’t be intimidated by its Chanel jewellery and Hermès purses at the price of your Renault Clio, very beautiful items are already waiting for you around 100 €.

Our little favorites

The most affordable: Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal is the sustainable fashion range of the giant Urban Outfitters. On the menu, vintage garments refurbished, others transformed, but also new clothes made in USA from end-of-line fabrics.

Not surprisingly, the selection is mainly streetwear, with a very strong 90s accent. A little like H&M Conscious, the company’s structure allows it to pursue a particularly attractive pricing policy — there is almost nothing above 150 €.

Our little favorites

The quirkiest: Los Feliz

If the number of references is limited on Los Feliz, it is to its founder Nadia Pape that we owe it. The Barcelonese always strives to choose pieces with character above all, whether they are branded or not. She also pays tribute to her origins with some models inspired by flamenco, street style version.

Our little favorites

The coolest: CrushON

The little Frenchy of the list, CrushON works like a marketplace putting you in touch with several different thrift stores. Recent pieces stand alongside older models, for a selection that remains in the spirit of the time. The site also organizes vintage markets (pop-up stores with DJ sets), where you can do your shopping while sipping a drink. In short, our two greatest passions together.

Our little favorites

The most instagramable : 97th Vintage

Opened just 4 years ago, 97th Vintage has already established itself as an essential figure of second hand clothing. Making the 90’s its spearhead, the shop finds for us all the star brands of the time — both street and sportswear, as well as luxury. We note in particular its huge selection of Burberry shirts at £60, its bob hats worthy of RUN DMC and the host of logomania pieces intended to end up on your Instagram.

Our little favorites

Who knows, maybe these addresses will make you want to push the door of a good old thrift store. Good thing, we’ll talk about it very soon… •

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