#29 — The FW19 Fashion Week Issue

04 March 2019 | Posted by Zackary

For weeks, my heart has been as fragile as my grandfather’s. On February 04, New York kicks off the fashion week. This is the beginning of a 30-day festival. Between America and Europe, hundreds of presentations are organized, in which designers reveal their vision for next winter. The Paris phase, last stage of this inexhaustible marathon, will only come to an end tomorrow evening.

In a little over 24 hours, I will then be able to put away the Swarovski crystal-covered defibrillator I’ve been using. If fashion can sometimes disappoint us with its uniformity, even leading us to believe that all designers have subscribed to the same newsletter — hang in there, ours is coming soon —, this season is rich in many ways.

What trends will dominate the streets in six months? How can we adopt them now? How has avant-garde ugliness replaced traditional beauty? What is “see now, buy now”? What impact does it have on fashion? Its evolution? Who is the next generation of designers? Do the catwalks represent the diversity of our society? How to dress to attend the shows? Who are the hidden figures of these great masses?

These are questions that cannot be addressed in just one week. A first in the (small) history of ZACKARIUM, this issue will therefore extend over fourteen days. You’ll know everything there is to know, welcome to our special edition… •


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