Fashion marathon: 10 paires de sneakers à moins de 200 €

19 May 2019 | Posted by Zackary

According to Forbes, the sneaker market now exceeds those of dressed and casual shoes combined, from Oxfords to flip-flops. In the United States alone, it is worth $17.5 billion. On the other side of the Channel, there are on average eight pairs per man, and four for the opposite sex source Fashion Network, ed.).

Limited edition launches have become major events. Full of hope, future buyers are ready to camp all night in front of the shops, while others rely on bots to get the much coveted grail.

Out of the ten most sought-after men's pieces in the latest Lyst Index (quarterly ranking of the most popular brands and products, ed.), all are sneakers, including seven from Nike. As for women, who tend to abandon the idea of working in pumps, the first place is occupied by McQueen oversized trainers.

With only 25% of pairs actually worn for sport (source NPD pour Forbes, ed.), sneakers are therefore a daily pillar of athleisure. Comfortable and versatile, they have the power to bring a form of modernity and dynamism of their own. Another significant advantage: they can be found at all prices. In this spirit, we have our eyes set on these 10 models for less than 200 €...

Emblematic of skate culture, Vans stands out for its prices of about 80 €, and the range of its sizes ranging from 34 to 47. For 100 €, we will prefer the customizable option, from the color of the eyelets to the contours of the tab. As a bonus, you can even adorn them with your own pattern by directly uploading your design. Enough to let your imagination run wild, and have a unique version of a model known to all.

Another sportswear mastodon, Adidas does not spare any effort to offer itself a trendy image. If we have nothing against these good old Stan Smith, try to move towards more original propositions. For example, the Hypersleek and its clean lines, on a sole with an almost geometric shape. (119,50 €)

Before founding Pairs in Paris, Caroline Robert worked at the Hermès workshops and in custom shoemaking. Far from the hype effects, the label has rather worked in an minimalist repertoire, putting the emphasis on construction and material quality (although we can notice more fantasy in the women collections). With their 100% cotton canvas and unbleached colour, the Sébastopol will be ideal this summer. (100 €)

Heading for Stockholm, to Eytys'. First known for its sneakers, the brand now offers a complete, fully unisex wardrobe. Without laces, we like the clean design of the Doja, simply enhanced by a purple border at the back. The little something extra? The cork insole, which absorbs moisture. Not glamorous, but useful. (200 €)

The sole with raised patterns is the signature of the Korean label AGE, which it systematically applies to otherwise classic models. A good way to bring a twist to a slightly simplistic pair, without doing too much. (approx. 140 €)

Sam Edelman is an American shoe maker, back in business after a failed IPO. When it comes to sneakers, one can't really notice any creativity, as the Meena's design is a knock-off of the Louis Vuitton Archlight. Well, at about 56 € in sales, the price is actually not the same...

Like Timberland, CAT is associated with its safety boots, gradually moved from construction sites to the streets. Surfing on the vintage aesthetics currently in vogue, the brand dives into its archives to bring out the Intruders. Released in 1996, they pay themselves a little facelift on the way, for a look that suits looks with strong urban influences. They can also be used with more elegant trousers, that they will contrast. All in all, it is better to adopt fairly tight fits (or tighter at the bottom), given the pair's large volumes. (120 €)

D.A.T.E is the story of four friends who, after gathering old machinery, set up their brand in a garage. Choosing a 100% Italian manufacture, the label relies on a few basic models, which it then offers in different combinations of colours and materials. We recommend you the Fuga, a reinterpretation of Silicon Valley sneaker. (199 €)

If a pair of black Converse will never let you down, the label regularly partners with creators for collaborations with a sharp style. Once again, he teams up with Feng Chen Wang, a designer nominated for the 2016 LVMH Prize. In addition to some clothes and accessories, she takes the opportunity to put her touch on the timeless Chuck 70, which she dresses here through patent leather inserts. (100 €)

Rooted in London's alternative culture, SWEAR is one of the few sneaker brands that incorporates underground references to its DNA. Between cyberpunks platforms, chunky soles and futuristic details, it forges an identity that, although speaking to a limited audience, has the merit of opting for bold takes. (198 €)

It is not necessary to break the limit of your credit card to get the pair of sneakers that will boost our style. Don't expect us to start running on Sundays, though... •

Hugh Hefner's and Donatella Versace's love child, I am the visible half of the duo behind ZACKARIUM. In love with fashion since I was in short pants, my mission is to guide you smoothly through the jungle of brands and catwalks.

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