Flood of style: how to dress when raining?

24 October 2019 | Posted by Zackary

I recently celebrated my birthday. Rest assured, I don't intend to tell you the immoral details of the evening, the enemy landing of the neighbors, or my desperate strategy to make myself loved from my residence. Nor am I planning to delve into the delicious gossip I feasted on, neither to try to get gifts from you in honor of my good service — well, if you really want to, who am I to say no?... Anyway, if I'm telling you about it, it is because the time has come to address a major problem: rain. 

You see, it was raining that day. So much that I came to wonder if my friends would not fail me, unable to brave the elements, leaving me alone in front of a torrent (of champagne). Fortunately, Jesus, Vishnu and Mohammed all heard my prayers and, miraculously, the flood ended shortly before the beginning of the celebrations. Most of the guests were present in their shining clothes; as for the others, I now invite them to delete my number from their phone. 

Seriously, at the risk of stating the obvious, the rain can be very challenging when it comes to getting dressed. So how do we combine protection and style? We're looking at the matter...

Building your outfits differently

Rainy days are the perfect setting to wear colour, which is more noticeable in the middle of all the dull looks that invade the subway. This can be the red tip of the turtleneck poking out of your jacket, the Paisley-printed scarf you stand up to the wind with, or a touch of shiny gold on your bag. The weather is quite gloomy as it is, no need to add to the surrounding greyness.

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On a more practical level, we advise you to build your outfits in layering, a refined term describing what is also known as the "onion technique". Use several layers of easily removable clothing to adjust your outfit for humidity and cold. By the way, it's also a great way to bring it depth.

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Finding the right jacket

Think of your jacket as the armor that protects you from the whims of nature: without necessarily being warm, it must be more or less waterproof. If it is long and covers your pants, it's even better...

Then, the trench coat is a solid option, especially when the professional context imposes a form of elegance. Why not opt for stripes, or tone-on-tone checks, to reconcile fantasy and sobriety? For women, we will imagine more freedom in terms of materials, being able to flirt more easily with leather or vinyl as long as the details remain subtle.

If possible, aim for water-resistant treated items. Otherwise, choose at least one thick, tight, drip-blocking cloth that may be sufficient for short trips.

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Yet, the flagship piece of the Burberry style is currently undergoing its little revolution. Far from being limited to this good old beige model, it is now available in a palette of colors ranging from black to neon pink, and cuts oscillating between oversize and deconstruction. If the open space you work in looks like a McDonald's ad, take the opportunity to play with these new interpretations. With a bit of luck, you may look more conscientious than usual...

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In the same vein, we also think of the parka and the nylon bomber, to be combined with a military or a streetwear vibe. In addition, leather also allows water to run off: wake up the biker within you.

Keeping your feet dry

When choosing your shoes, there are at least two essential criteria to consider: the material, then the sole. Unsurprisingly, leather wins our preference. Polished, the surface slips even more. If it is possible to waterproof suede pairs, remember that miracles only happen on my birthday. In other words, you will prolong their resistance, but it will eventually meet its limits.

The thicker the sole, the less likely you are to drown your feet in a puddle. The more formal ones will therefore trade their Richelieu for derbies with commando soles, while the others will prefer rubber-mounted boots or sturdy sneakers.

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If heels are mandatory, choose them thick and wide for better grip.

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The final touch

More than on many other occasions, the only thing superfluous about accessories is their name.

What better way to protect yourself from the rain than with an umbrella? To some extent, it almost allows you to ignore the weather, as long as it is big enough. A blank canvas, you are free to adopt it in a simple, transparent or, on the contrary, maximalist version.

In addition, other pieces that complement your look can be useful, especially headwear. A large-mesh beanie or a thick cap can do the trick in case of light rainfall. Bolder, nylon bucket hats are also appropriate, as are PVC ones.

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Besides, the best way to avoid getting wet is still to stay in bed... •

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