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29 July 2019 | Posted by Zackary

Despite their practicality and comfort, I have never been able to wear flip-flops. Not at the beach, not at home, and even less on the street. However, I must admit: they are trending. The new essential of the summer. Kim Kardashian wears them with a vintage Dior skirt, Anna Wintour herself dubs them, while half the men on the planet did not wait for this news before buying them.

This was to be expected. The dad shoe reigns over the sneakers, ugliness becomes beautiful, and camp recovers its rights sixty years after the writing of its manifesto. According to this logic, it was only a matter of time before they offered themselves a return to grace. If you want to give in to temptation, the rule is simple. Combined with sophisticated outfits, such as tailor pants or silk dresses, they will be the finishing touch that will shout to the world how capable of being nonchalant you are. In other words, the higher the contrast, the more successful the result. 

Yet, if you are as flip-flops intolerant as I am, follow the guide for 10 pairs of shoes for less than 200 €, ideal on vacation...

Castañer, a Spanish brand born in 1927, has made espadrilles its spearhead. Combining tradition and modernity, the label that worked with Yves Saint-Laurent in the 60's creates models that take us to the Mediterranean, wherever we are. Kenda, revisiting a classic through a delicate crochet hook, is an interesting alternative. (60 € instead of 110 €).

Faithful to the local heritage, Manebi makes it espadrilles by hand in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula. Giving a more luxurious look to its models, the brand here exchanges the usual canvas for a camel-coloured nubuck. With oversized raw jeans, white pants or militarily influenced cargo shorts, they will follow you from sand to bitumen. (75 € instead of 94 €)

Speaking of nubuck, we're seriously looking at this pair of Mr P. sneakers (Mr Porter's brand, editor's note), with their slip-on shape that can be put on in two seconds and their easy to match shades. (76,50 € instead of 255 €)

A blend of old models — you will recognize the Stan Smith resemblance — the Court Vantage stands out by combining leather details with a mesh upper, perfect during hot weather. Almost as much as its small price. (42 € instead of 60 €)

In the same vein, Primury opts for a bi-material design in grained leather and canvas, with an emphasis on a well-finished sole. Versatile without being boring, their minimalist side will lend itself to most of your looks. Unisex, the label offers each of its pairs in a wide range of sizes. (84 € instead of 169 €)

According to legend, the gods of Olympus wore sandals made on the island of Crete. Nearby, Ancient Greek Sandals, whose mission lies in the name, seems well disposed to bring this story to life. Paying tribute to Hellenic mythology and art, each piece is hand-made by local craftsmen. We play it Oracle of Delphi with Meloivia, whose charm is in the shellfish flange coupled with a simple shape. (185 €) 

We dust off the cliché of the Bavarian tourist with these Suicoke, as much in fashion as flip-flops. Popular in streetwear, they are one of the few pairs that can be worn with socks without looking like you've escaped from the Munich Beer Festival. They will be difficult to transpose into a more classic repertoire: if you don't combine them with oversized shorts, a Cuban collar shirt or a bucket hat worthy of Las Vegas Parano, it's better to abstain. (97 € instead of 161 €)

Schutz is a label born in Brazil. In love with the sun, it seems to think of each of its designs to complement an afternoon spent on a deckchair, or an evening in a salsa bar. With its combination of materials and pompom strap, Gaby is by far our favorite. (141 € instead of 282 €)

Inspired by the 90s, Regina Pyo imagines models distinguished by the shape of their heel, which gives them a unique character for an assertive style. Available in nude leather or python-embossed. (168 € instead of 560 €)

« Geraldo », by Dr. Martens, €179. For punks feeling like they have the soul of a Spartan... •

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