On point: the trends making their comeback

16 January 2019 | Posted by Zackary

“Fashion is an eternal restart,” our grandmothers proudly tell us, as if each of them had invented this old adage…

As January marks the beginning of the last fashion shows from the 2019 collections, we already know clearly what the racks of our favourite stores will look like over the next 12 months. This year again, the past is being modernized to create something new-ish. It seems that all the designers received the same trend book a few months earlier, pushing them to exhume some pieces from the bottom of a dusty trunk in a corner of their attic, before sending them on a podium.

If some elements were already in the early stages of a return, 2019 will definitely mark their comeback. Let’s take a look.

Street Hippies

(Stella McCartney ; MSGM)

We’ve already talked about the return of the Sixties trend for this winter. Moving away from Jackie Kennedy’s polished heritage, we are heading towards the hippie movement, a tight fit for Woodstock‘s 50th anniversary. The famous tie and dye is no longer limited to the old cotton t-shirt: whether it is on a denim jumpsuit , an oversized linen shirt or worked as a pattern like à la MSGM, it brings a falsely vintage dimension imbued with all the Californian casualness.

Our little favorites

“You can leave your poncho on”

(Gucci ; Valentino)

If the term “poncho” only reminds you of your colleague secretly nicknamed “Ugly Betty”, it’s time to review your prejudices. Ideal for facing the cold, he and his cousin the cape are available in noble materials making great use of silky wools, sometimes two-tone, or in a rather street version thanks to contemporary patterns, like the pink camouflage spotted at Valentino.

Our little favorites

Pimp my suit

(Celine ; Valentino)

In response to the omnipresence of streetwear and sportswear, tailoring is organizing its revolution. Gone are the classic navy blue wool cloth and scalpel-cut slim lines, the suit is now to be worn loose and adorns itself with Miami Vice colors, as if to get rid of its usual rigor. All hail bright shades or patterns, ample cuts and play on volumes, or blazers with original buttoning.

Our little favorites

Impression 3D(enim)

(Michael Kors ; Sandy Liang)

The happy days of denim are far from over, whether we are talking about accessories or clothing. A small “novelty” from the 90s: it is now available in all sorts of prints, often decorated with logos and other motifs, or even completely used as a painting canvas — see the small selection below. Add to that the many existing embroidered denim pieces, and you’ll have enough to sail peacefully on a sea of indigo.

Our little favorites

Public utility

(Sportmax ; Dior Homme)

Be prepared to hear this term regularly: “utility”. Inspired by the military register, this trend focuses more on the “utilitarian” aspect of combatant attire than on the elegance of officers in uniform. Parachute vests, slide belts, plenty of pockets, large parkas, cargo pants and 2-in-1 items are all such codes. Far from the ground trenches, the trend evolves in precious materials ranging from silk to leather, and regularly plays with texture effects. A solid track for those who wish to combine style and practical comfort.

Our little favorites

Anyway, if fashion is indeed an eternal restart, it is also a frantic race.As I write to you, the first collections for 2020 are already being organized. We’ll talk about it very soon… •

Hugh Hefner's and Donatella Versace's love child, I am the visible half of the duo behind ZACKARIUM. In love with fashion since I was in short pants, my mission is to guide you smoothly through the jungle of brands and catwalks.

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