The Fall/Winter 2018-2019 fashion trends

05 September 2018 | Posted by Zackary

While you were perfecting your tan on the hot sand, garments designed for the cold were already entering the stock of your favourite shops, ready to be put on the shelves as soon as the school year began.

This season, the boundaries between genders are blurring even more. The same ideas are expressed from one catwalk to another, whether they are male or female shows. The gender fluid fashion is still gaining ground, which will considerably increase the possibilities.

Rest assured, the global trend remains towards comfort-wear, cocooning, and a whole bunch of other words beginning with a “c” that elevate laziness and self-indulgence to the rank of clothing principle. Sportswear thus continues its reign, while logomania continues to spend happy days in the hegemonic era of street style — you can then continue to wear the 400 € tee-shirt you have starved yourself for.

Let’s take a closer look….

Polar cold and layering

(Balenciaga ; Y/Project)

First in autumn, then especially in winter, our style meets an essential need: to protect us from mercury falls. To this end, what could be more logical than stacking the layers? A highly practical option, we dive into layering, taking care to let the different levels of the outfit be seen. In another register, XXL coats and down jackets are also popular, from casual to formal looks.

How the West Was Won

(Alberta Ferretti ; Dsquared)

We set out to discover America, based on influences à la Brokeback Mountain and Dr Quinn, twisting pieces slightly too polished otherwise. Far West yokes, a large woollen cape, Amerindian-inspired motifs, large leather boots and matching belt: it’s time to play it redneck chic.

80’s and Top 50

(Gucci ; Prada)

Fashion is an eternal restart”, as the saying goes. The 80’s seem determined to make a place for themselves in our wardrobe, as a consequence of the current sportswear movement which began at that time. Rather than a total look, we prefer more subtle allusions. A ruffle on a sleeve, flared pants, retro patterns reminiscent of thrift store style or vintage pieces… There is no shortage of choice. Translated with

Swinging London

(Miu Miu ; Dior Homme)

The next stop of our time machine is the London of the 1960s. The silhouette is ultra feminine, preferably with short lengths for more modernity. Let’s pull out Jackie Kennedy’s blazer, Twiggy’s trapeze dress and Brigitte Bardot’s makeup. On the men’s side, we adhere to the mods’ imagery with a fitted suit, whether we like it classical, double-breasted, striped or plain. Shoes with large soles will boost the whole, where the accessories will give the look its final accent.

Colorblind on LSD

(Balmain ; Raf Simons)

Against the greyness, fluorescent shades prove to be an original alternative. Far from wanting to dress like a Stabilo highlighter, we let it slip in by touches, or in its slightly faded version. I didn’t think I’d say this one day, but in this case, less is definitely more…

Check this out!

(Versace ; Alexander McQueen)

Tartans, Prince of Wales, and all kinds of checks invite themselves on absolutely every item of our dressing room. Multicoloured, oversized or more classic, they always induce a certain sophistication, without totally abandoning their British image. The more moderate ones can try them on an XXL scarf, while the daring will adopt them on several elements of the same outfit. So, rather English lord or revolutionary punk?

Man vs. Wild

(Givenchy ; Fendi)

The Man is cold, his primary needs take back their rights. Furs, shearlings and long leather coats are thrown on our shoulders to create a powerful look instantly imprinted with character. PETA who? •

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