Aiming for serenity: five labels combining style and well-being

14 June 2019 | Posted by Zackary

I no longer count the number of times I have drowned my sorrow in the depths of my overdraft. A fight with my roommates? Hop, a small pair of shoes, and my anger disappears as if by magic. In the event of a hard blow at work, nothing beats the pleasure of a piece of jewellery. I even want to get in a relationship to end up dumped, having my heart destroyed but a well-stocked wardrobe. Maybe it's finally time to register on Tinder again...

Anyway, shopping has undeniable therapeutic virtues. An idea on which some brands choose to focus, based on a philosophy much deeper than my poor addiction to the credit card. While wellness becomes the key word in most trend books, these labels go beyond the simple framework of clothing to instill a completely different function in it... In which registers do they stand out? On what principles does their approach rely? We are looking at five of them. 

The Armour of the night

(© Under Armour)

Popular for its involvement in the Avengers costumes, you probably already see Under Armour items in all the Instagram stories of this buddy who loves recording himself at the gym.

With its Athlete Recovery line, the American equipment manufacturer is moving away from our performance on the field to focus on the quality of our rest. It designed a sleepwear collection, actually supposed to help us sleep better. The miracle happens thanks to the technical cells placed on the back: they absorb the body's heat, which they then transform into far infrared rays. Their action relieves pain, improves blood circulation and relaxes muscles. I'm not the one who says it, but this study that couldn't be more boring

Without making waves in terms of sex appeal, the sweatpants and tee-shirts will do perfectly well for your Netflix & Haagen-Dazs evenings.

Our litle favorites

Going to Patagonia

(© Patagonia)

From the rehabilitation of second-hand items to the choice of materials requiring the least possible resources, few brands invest so much in reducing their ecological impact. Patagonia's heritage is rooted in the great outdoors, a notion that can be found both in its code of conduct and its approach to design.

To protect us during the ascent of Everest, it creates a UV-proof range. Enough to buy one or two pieces with a falsely vintage accent, which will avoid sunburn during an aperitif at the Tuileries. The little something extra? There are also some swimsuits available.

Our little favorites

Dressed to repAir

(© Kloters)

According to some experts, our civilization will be extinct in 2050 if we do not succeed in stemming global warming. A problem that Kloters, an Italian underwear label, has decided to tackle.

Through a KickStarter campaign, it manages to launch RepAir, a depolluting t-shirt. Underneath its basic appearance, it features a zipped pocket, containing a (renewable) membrane capable of absorbing the emissions of two cars. We are still waiting for a larger scale production, to be continued...

A bouquet of Monsoon Blooms

(© Monsoon Blooms)

"Conscious fibres, coloured by the Earth," says Monsoom Blooms. Inspired by Ayurvedic (Indian hollistic medicine, considered the oldest in the world, editor's note), the brand works with organic materials from fair trade, then dyes them from flowers and plants with ancestral virtues.

If I had a sharp tongue, I would say that its founder might smoke some good weed, but I would be in no position to judge her. Joking aside, I have nothing against a little spirituality, especially when it is accompanied by pieces calibrated for idleness.

Our little favorites

Jewelry for the right Sirconstance

(© Sirconstance)

Between the resurgence of a paganism appearing glamorous (remember Lana del Rey inviting us to cast a spell against Trump), and Woodstock's 50th anniversary about to come, mystical accessories are on the rise.

In this vein, we let ourselves be tempted by crystals and their energetic powers, magnified into jewels by the Parisian label Sirconstance. On the menu, refined and unadorned models, first of all highlighting the stones. I have no idea how effective they are, but I would like to buy a new pair of earrings...

Our little favorites

Overall, we can sometimes regret a lack of fantasy when fashion turns to well-being, which tends to be limited to basics. On the other hand, opting for trendy pieces would go against its ambition, which is inseparable from a more sustainable consumption. What if we just take the time to slow down...? •

Hugh Hefner's and Donatella Versace's love child, I am the visible half of the duo behind ZACKARIUM. Addicted to fashion and to Lucky Strike, my mission is to guide you smoothly through the jungle of brands and catwalks.

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