Winter 2019: 7 trends spotted at the Fashion Week

06 March 2019 | Posted by Zackary

I’m going to make a confession. If I was delighted by the French team’s victory in the World Cup, I must admit that I only watched the final. I would like to tell you that I was too busy working to spend 90 minutes on our national pride, or pretend to have gone on a humanitarian mission without television, but I was just lazy. I’m the kind of fan who twerks on cars, sits in the trunk like my cousins at an Algerian wedding, and take champagne from strangers on the street. Anyway, there are far too many games to follow…

However, I have been observing what is happening on the catwalks for a month now. From the most whimsical experiments, to recipes seen and reviewed, and a return to a more refined aesthetic, this season offers a variety of proposals. What do the designers have in store for us next winter? We take stock of 7 trends, to be adopted immediately…

Deconstructed elegance

(Mugler ; Margiela — © Filippo Fior and Alessandro Lucioni for GoRunway)

We already told you about it a few weeks ago: the suit is back in favor, which the brands have confirmed again over the last days. In response to the omnipresence of streetwear and logomania, it appears almost as a form of protest against Instafashion.

Unlike Dad’s uniform, it is asymmetrical, cut with wide shoulders, swaps pants for thigh-high boots… It is deconstructed to be fully embraced, much more youthful. Between elegance and irreverence, why choose?

Our little favorites

Punk isn’t dead

(Christian Dior ; Gucci — © Alessandro Lucioni and Filippo Fior for GoRunway

Fashion is used to travelling through time. What’s its new destination? London, late 1970s. Without ever being totally gone, punk makes a bigger place for itself in our wardrobe. Tartan, spikes, loose knits, worn leather… We use its main elements, which we associate with smart pieces for contrast.

In the same spirit, its Gothic cousin should also soon re-emerge. The muse of the latest Prada collection? Wednesday Addams…

Our little favorites

The Neon Demon

(Marine Serre ; Saint Laurent — © Filippo Fior and Alessandro Lucioni for GoRunway)

Imagine walking down the stairs of a nightclub. Every time you tread upon the steps, people turn around. When you arrive on the dance floor, all eyes are already on you. Thank your phosphorescent outfit…

Jokes aside, if this trend is not intended to take hold in the long term, it proves the constant effort of textile innovation and shows the prowess that will be possible in the future. In addition, it’s a great way to add a touch of crazy to a look, or to stop losing your friends at festivals once you’re drunk.

Our little favorites

Sending nude

(Agnona ; Courrèges — © Alessandro Lucioni and Daniele Oberrauch for GoRunway)

For many designers, the silhouette is draped in a nude monochrome, oscillating between beige, pink and off-white. The look is elegant, sophisticated without being overdone. This style emphasizes the precision of the cuts and the nobility of the fabrics for a chic full of lightness.

The little extra: a pair of pale boots, retro just enough.

Our little favorites

All over again

(Escada ; Missoni — © Escada ; Filippo Fior for GoRunway)

On the other hand, prints refuse to be discreet and are declined in “all over”, i.e. on the whole outfit. References are multiple: geometric lines, XXL patterns exhumed from the 80s, camaïeu of the same colour, orgy of nuances…

The most daring ones can opt for the “print clash”, advocating the superposition of different patterns. A repertoire to be tamed step by step, unless you want to cause ophthalmic migraines in your open space.

Our little favorites

Going down

(Tod’s ; Moncler 8 Palm Angels — © Alessandro Lucioni for GoRunway ; Moncler)

This season again, the down jacket continues the quest for winning its spurs. Definitely breaking with its old-fashioned image, it loses volume for a refined line, or ironically plays with clichés in maxi versions. Moncler has even invited eight designers to revisit its flagship piece for its Genius project, already available.

Something new: the quilted down now invades the accessories, from bags to scarves.

Our little favorites

Leather fever

(Rochas ; Bottega Veneta — © Alessandro Lucioni for GoRunway)

Caught in the punk-gothic vein we mentioned earlier, leather takes the lion’s share. Shirt, skirt, trousers, tee-shirt: whether it is worked in a futuristic, street-wise or sleek way, it is far from being limited to shoes and jackets. The sensual material par excellence, it can be worn fluid or close to the body, inviting to power as well as seduction…

Our little favorites

You have all the tips you need to stay one step ahead. It’s now up to you to shine… •

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